How It Works

Do you have a story?

A Story Not Forgotten is a story writing project management system. It allows you to gather information together, organize and prepare it in order to present it to others on your own dedicated custom website, or compile it into a book.

The system allows you to write, add pictures, organize and allow others to contribute their memories & photos.

If you do not know where to start, you can choose to have the software prompt you with questions that you answer by using the "Guide Me" option.

When complete, you will have everything you need to create your final printed, or digital keepsake!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Create My Story?

Timing is within your own control. You can create your story on the go and add to it as often as you need to. Your story can be like a journal and you can keep adding to it whenever you have something new to say.

What Do I Get With A Free Account?

A free account allows you to view and contribute to other people’s stories, with their permission.

What Do I Get With A Paid Account?

A paid account allows you to write your story with the software. You are able to invite as many people as you wish to contribute to your story and upload pictures and files (including audio). You can also share your story with the world or with a select few people.

Do I Have To Pay For Another Account To Have People Contribute To My Story?

No, as long as you have one active subscription then friends, family and co-workers can sign up for a free account and contribute to your story at no extra charge! Of course you always control the access level they have so each person can have read-only, be a contributor, or be a co-owner of your project.

Can My Story Remain Private?

Yes. Your story remains private unless you choose to share it publicly or with a select few people. The control is all yours.

What is the purpose of this application? People already record their lives on Facebook don't they?

We get that Facebook comment a lot. Think about it though, very few if anyone actually record their real life on FB. Typically they talk about things that piss them off or take photos of food they eat. Facebook is not a life journal, and good luck finding information that you are looking for from the distant past. is a custom solution specifically designed for capturing stories. It doesn't matter if you are in your golden years and want to traverse your memory and record all the things that happened in your life or if you are a new parent and want to start recording your child's life from day one. This application makes it easy to organize all your information and, if you like, share it with your family, or even with the rest of the world.

I want to create a book, can this application do that?

Eventually. The current version of is designed to help you gather and organize your life story information. We are contstantly improving and updating the application to add new features and ultimately you will be able to create a book, both e-book and physical books will be possible. Creating this technology is a lot of work and will take some time, but please join us on the journey and as new features are available, you will be the first to use them.

Can I write the story of my grandparent rather than doing my own?

Of course, you can create the story of any person place or thing. Actually you can create any type of story you want, there are no restrictions. gives you the tools to make it simple and keep everything organized so you can focus on the actual story. We also have multiple subscription levels that allow you to create more than one project. You can create a story for yourself, your spouse and each of your parents with the "Premium" subscription.

Once my story is complete, do I have to keep paying the subscription fee forever?

Actually no, you don't. You only have to pay the subscription while you are creating or modifying your story. Once you have completed your story, you can set it to be viewable by the public and then it will be available on even if you stop your subscription payments. Of course, you will not be able to modify it or upload any new photos unless you start paying for your subscription again.

I am an author and I would like to use for my clients. Is that possible?

Yes, actually we have multiple subscription levels. The business level subscriptions have additional features like financial management that allow you to maintain a project budget and record transactions as well as they allow you to create many projects with each project being independant from the others so your clients will enjoy their privacy. Please contact us if you would like a demo of this functionality or if you have further questions.


Still have questions? Please contact us, we are happy to help.